Perpetualy Active Antimicrobial  Coating Eliminating Dangerous  Microorganisms

The latest pandemic and the emerging of new types of pathogens caused a surge in demand for the BIOSAFE® antimicrobial coating. Mobilsept Hyigienic Protect®, technology  has worked to meet that demand of the automotive market. The perpetual antimicrobial methanol free coating with multifunctional capabilities made less then 30 minutes by the Mobilsept HP® helps to prevent for at least 6 months the transfer of infectious diseases by eliminating the growth of virus, stain- and odor-causing bacteria, fungi mold and mildew in the passenger area including the A/C system. The  BIOSAFE® antimicrobials have ASTM-E,EU-ECHA, REACH, GBAC  industry standards approvals and also used in a variety of personal protective equipment, including laundry additives for health care uniforms and for food service towels used in restaurants and cafeterias. "We continue to find new ways to ensure availability of our BIOSAFE® 
antimicrobials to meet our customer's needs," Shiming Wo, Gelest vice president and general manager of life science, said in a statement. 

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ULV Technology successfully serving various industries

Nowadays, as people spend increased of their time riding in cars, it is crucial to prevent infections caused by biological pollutants from the interior surfaces. Among the various biological pollutants (insects, virus bacteria, fungi, and mites), these can cause various allergic reactions and respiratory diseases.

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It has been proven that the ULV fogger is more effective by using appropriate substances  in removing and inactivating total germs when used in conjunction with proper chemical pre-cleaning method. The HP4 ULV fogger's pre cleaning and microbial coating efficacy is set according to the  concentration of substances, fogging volume, and vehicle size up to 9 passenger van..